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Langridge Series 3 Phthalo Blue (G.S) Oil Colour 0811

$27.05 $25.69


A jewel-like versatile blue with almost crimson undertones, Phthalo Blue is an intensely strong colour. Many paint manufacturers try to tame Phthalos with fillers, but we at Langridge feel that our unadulterated Phthalo provides artists with a more powerful tool for painting. Fantastic for mixing and glazing, Phthalo Blue is indispensable.

Pigment: Phthalocyanine

Classification: Synthetic Organic

Colour Index: PB15:3 (74160)

Vehicle: Linseed Oil

Hiding power: Semi-opaque

Pigment Loading: Medium

Consistency: Stiff

Drying rate: 2-4 days


Product Code: 0811

Series: 3