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Langridge Series 4 Quinacridone Crimson Oil Colour 0882

$33.85 $32.00


Cool in masstone but revealing warm rose undertones in clear glazes. Quinacridone Crimson was developed as a replacement to Alizarin Crimson and is therefore on the violet or blueish side of red rather than orange side. This is achieved by the deep dusty crimson of Perylene in combination with the clear magenta reds of Quinacridone.

Pigment: Quinacridone / Perylene

Classification: Synthetic Organic

Colour Index: PV19 / PR179

Vehicle: Linseed Oil

Hiding power: Semi-Opaque

Pigment Loading: Medium

Consistency: Stiff

Drying rate: 2-4 days


Product Code: 0882

Series: 4