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Speedball Lino Cutter Set - 2 Handles - 6 Blades - 4132

$78.50 $70.60

This set contains:

1 x Lino Handle Red

1 x Lino Handle Blue

V Shaped cutters No. 1 & 2

Square Gouge No. 4

U Shaped Gouges No. 3 & 5

Knife No. 6


Lino Cutters:  Crafted from high-quality steel, Speedball Linoleum cutters are hand-ground with edges that are ideal for carving into soft or linoleum blocks.  Available in six styles, Speedball Linoleum Cutters provide precision and consistency, regardless of the level of detail desired.  Manufactured specifically for use with Speedball Lino Handles.

Lino Handles:  Combining comfort, control and convenience, Speedball’s Lino Handles are made from a hard plastic and contain a removable end for storage of Lino Cutters. Available in four bold colors, Speedball Lino Handles also have a hand-adjustable metal chuck that make removing and replacing cutters a breeze!