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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Studio/Shop 

Shop C, 100 King St Buderim Qld Australia 4556.

View map on contact page.

PH: 0754561487 or 0400561405

* Special Orders are welcome, if you'd like something we don't yet stock, we'll do our best to get it for you. Please contact us via the 'Contact' page. 

Golden Artist Colors

Golden Artist Colors are American products of the highest quality.

For more information on Golden products please contact me via the Contact Us page or visit,, or

Alice West Art aims to provide a more personal service specialising in Golden Artist Colors and chooses to discount Golden Artist Colors every day, helping the hip pocket of artists.

"I am an Artist myself and would like to think I have a pretty good idea of what artists are looking for. I sometimes get frustrated with the big art stores as the staff often don't know very much about individual products and this can create a frustrating experience. I have chosen Golden Artist Colors because they are of the highest quality, exciting and innovative and both Golden and the Australian distributor do Free Demos educating artists on the products as well as innovative ways to use the products".


Please contact me for commissions or enquiries about original art works. All paintings are produced with the best quality paints and materials. Frames and canvases are made to order at Deck The Walls. View my work in person at my studio, please make an appointment.


All prints of original art are produced on a high resolution flatbed scanner, on fine art paper, 100% rag acid free museum quality archival paper at Display Art Imaging, Noosaville. Gift Cards All Card Designs are created from original art work. Digitally printed on quality materials at Clark & Mackay Printers, Brisbane.


Please choose carefully. All my products are high quality and made from high quality materials. Alice West Art does not accept refunds unless the product is faulty in some way, please contact me within 7 days regarding the matter. Refunds will be made in the same way that you initially paid. Exchange is available for change of mind for another product of the same price, products must be returned in original condition unopened within 7 days of delivery. Alice West Art is not responsible for any postage costs associated with exchange or if the product is damaged in the post when you return it. If returning a product for exchange please include appropriate pre-paid packaging for your new product of choice to be return posted. e.g. Australia post satchel with tracking. If your product is damaged during delivery, please contact me within 2 days of delivery. If there are any other problems, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Payment must be made in full and have cleared before your items are shipped. There are many payment options available to you during checkout. Including Americanx, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and Zippay if you wish to buy now and pay later.


Alice West Art ships Australia wide.

All products are weighed and to give you the most accurate postage cost possible. Most products are delivered via Australia Post Satchel with tracking. Large paintings are shipped by Australia Post or a Courier. Please select the postage options to suit you during checkout. If you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Contact Page.


Please note that there may be delays with your parcel currently due to Covid19.

2 - 4 business days for regular post, but could be 5 -7 business days for country areas

1 - 2 business days for Express post, within the Express post network. Express post is not available to all areas.

Large paintings 3 - 7 business days by Australia Post or a courier.

Overseas orders:

Alice West Art does not ship overseas except on a rare occasion due to special request. In the case that a parcel goes missing, please be aware that Alice West Art is not responsible in any way for your missing parcel, but will do our best to help you find it, and will be provided a tracking number to track your parcel. Alice West Art is not responsible for any customs fees or taxes that may be applicable to your parcel for your country and they are your responsibility to pay if there are any. 

Lay-buy by Paypal

New to Alice West Art

Terms & Conditions: Lay-Buy

Terms and Conditions: PUT IT ON LAY-BUY

Layby Terms, agreements and contract

Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd trading as has identified core principles we believe are integral and imperative for all Lay-Buy agreement deals transacted through our PUT IT ON LAY-BUY powered by PayPal checkout payment option to be fair and reasonable per the Fair Trading Act 1999.

The following principles below therefore make up the Terms & Conditions for any Lay-Buy or Layby contract and related transactions entered into. This applies to all and any lay-by contract template utilized by both the vendor or consumer:

DEPOSIT: Minimum 30%

LAY-BUY LENGHTH: Maximum 6 Months

1. Record of Payment

A record of payments transaction history will always be available for both the merchant and buyer, recording all amounts paid to-date and the date and value of all future pending payments as per your agreed lay-by policy.

2. Storage and Identification of Lay-Buy Products

Product’s on Lay-Buy will be set aside and stored separately to other products. Products will be clearly identified as ‘Lay-By contract’ products by a number or some other identification.

3. Cancellation of Lay-Buy by Buyer

The buyer may cancel their LayBy agreement form at any time prior to delivery of products and on delivery of products if the products are damaged by so advising seller in writing or if seller agrees, orally.If a buyer cancels a Lay-Buy, seller will, if so requested by the seller, give the buyer a “cancellation statement” which sets out-

a) The purchase price of the products; and

b) Advise customer of the cancellation fee payable to seller under all Lay-By terms and conditions; and

c) The total amount paid under the Lay-Buy; and

d) Any amount owing to either the buyer or seller under the layby terms on the cancellation of the Lay-Buy.If seller does not accept the buyer’s oral cancellation it is obliged to give/send the buyer a duly completed Lay-By Form of Cancellation immediately.

4. Cancellation of Lay-Buy by Seller

The seller under a Lay-Buy must not cancel it unless –

a) The buyer breaches a term of the Lay-Buy; or

b) The seller stops trading; or

c) The products are no longer available

5. Cancellation on breach by Buyer

If a buyer has breached a term of a Lay-Buy and seller intends to cancel the Lay-Buy, before doing so seller must –

a) Give the buyer notice of seller’s intention to cancel the Lay-Buy; and

b) Allow the buyer at least 14 days within which to rectify the breach; and

c) The notice to be given has to be:I) in writing, sent to the buyer’s last known address, or, if the buyer so agrees, orally; and

II) must specify the breach of the Lay-Buy for which the Lay-Buy is being cancelled; and

III) must state the time within which the buyer must rectify the breach;

IV) must state the matters listed per below:* the purchase price of the products;

* all cancellation charges payable under the agreement; and

* the total amount paid under the Lay-Buy;

* any amount owing to either the buyer or seller under the terms of the Lay-Buy on the cancellation of the Lay-Buy.The Lay-Buy is cancelled at the end of the period specified in the notice unless the buyer rectifies the breach before then or Seller agrees not to cancel it.

6. Cancellation where business closes

If Seller under a Lay-Buy agreement proposes to stop trading before the agreement is completed, Seller must give notice of the proposal to the buyer and must either –

(a) allow the buyer 7 days within which to complete the agreement; and

(b) cancel the Lay-Buy

7. Cancellation where products not available

If the products are no longer available, Seller must cancel the Lay-Buy and refund all monies to the buyer.

8. Effect of Cancellation

Subject to the above, when a Lay-Buy is cancelled by either party, Seller must refund all money paid within 14 days less a AUD $25 cancellation fee. There are circumstances which prohibit Seller from keeping the cancellation charge. These include but are not limited to, situations where the products are damaged or not delivered or where Seller has breached a term of the Lay-Buy statement.

9. Cancellation Charge

Seller shall charge the buyer a AUD $25 cancellation fee under the terms of all Lay-Buy deals.

10. Banking Charges back Fees

The seller shall be entitled to pass-on to the buyer all charge back fees received by any given bank for any given customer charge back from any given Lay-Buy deal.

11. Service Fee

Seller shall not charge the customer any interest charges, membership fee or service fee on any Lay-Buy sales transaction. Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd trading as charge an admin fee, which is a once-off 0.9% of the total order value at checkout. The buyer will pay this amount to Lay-Buys at checkout at time of paying the down payment. This fee is an admin fee and is therefore not refundable.

12. Lay-Buy Reporting

Seller shall have reporting in place for all Lay-Buy deals covering Down Payment made, Lay-Buy period, Frequency of payments required, Payment amount required per installment; and a full record of all payments made to-date (amount and date on which made).

13. Delivery

The seller will only dispatch the buyer product/s after receiving the final installment payment for all Lay-Buy deals.


14.1   This Agreement shall be binding upon, inure to the benefit of, and be enforceable by the representatives, successors and assigns of the parties hereto.

14.2   This Agreement may be amended only by a written instrument duly executed by all parties hereto.

14.3   The parties hereby represent and warrant that each of them has full legal right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to carry out its obligations hereunder.

14.4   This Agreement may be executed simultaneously in one or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original but all of which together shall constitute one and the same instrument.

14.5   Article headings contained herein are for reference purposes only and shall not in any way affect the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement.


Thank you so much for your patience and wonderful tuition on my 'Art Journey'. Iv'e learned so much and have a whole new appreciation for Art. You've also helped me share this new found pleasure with my family. Lots of Love.

J. O'Brien

A year ago I decided to try my hand at painting. My previous experience had been painting house walls and a small childs fingernails. I wanted to try something new, create something my kids could cherish, but mostly I wanted to do it for me. Guided by a very talented local artist Alice, I’m proud to say my first acrylic piece is complete!
My Wednesday art lesson has become the highlight of my week. Spending time with other ladies developing friendships, exercising patience, exploring hidden abilities, ‘switching off’, and most importantly nurturing creativity in a peaceful place has been invaluable to me.
If you are located on the Sunny Coast, I urge you to reach out to Alice - No experience is necessary and you might just surprise yourself 💗🌷  And to you, my darling friend Alice, thank you for your guidance and kindness. You’ve become such a special friend to me and I’m so grateful to have you in my world.


"Your house/studio has an up lift feeling of calmness and rest. I believe you do a lot more than teach art to these kids. I believe the work is greater in their souls and hearts, they leave your studio in peace! I'm very grateful!"     

C. Machiavelli

"We love your teaching style and we love coming to you. We all think you are absolutely amazing Alice."

S. Jephcott

"Their drawing and painting ability has really improved, as has their patience and perseverance, since they have been attending your class. Not to mention we have some beautiful artworks around our home now!"


Thank you for visiting AWA website, I hope you enjoy browsing.